Archaeologists are finding different objects made with these raw materials. In prehistorical times, bones and cervidea antlers as well as ivory were used to make tools.

The reproduced tools were made using knives and stone drills, and finished by polishing them on abrasive stones. In this fashion, I am able to reproduce an entire collection of artifacts, witnesses of daily activities, such as:


  • projectile points
  • harpoons
  • pronged harpoons
  • hair-removing implements
  • braces and bits
  • ceramic ornaments and ornaments for clothing
  • thimbles
  • beads for necklaces
  • flutes
  • buzzs
  • knives
  • fishhooks
  • needles for net making
  • scrapers
  • bows
  • needles
  • awls
  • combs with and without effigies
  • cup and pin games
  • etc…